EMU Research Excellence Medal


The EMU Medal Committee calls upon the member societies and all European mineralogists for nominations for the EMU Research Excellence Medal 2024.

The medal is presented to an early career scientist who has made significant contributions to research in mineralogy and whose professional and societal activities contribute to strengthening scientific links in Europe. Nominees will normally have completed their PhDs within 15 years (or equivalent once career breaks have been accounted for) of the closing date for nominations.

The European Journal of Mineralogy (EJM) is pleased to offer to the recipient/recipients the possibility to publish as first author one open access article free of charge.*

The deadline for applications is 1st of July 2024, 12:00 (CET).

The Nomination Package should be composed of:

  • A letter (limit: 2 pages) from the nominator, highlighting the candidate’s merit and outstanding achievement in mineralogy.
  • A complete curriculum vitae, including a list of published articles and book reviews, but excluding conference and seminar abstracts, and papers not yet been formally accepted for publication.
  • A maximum of 3 supporting letters (limit: 2 pages) from established researchers in the field of mineralogy or closely related fields.

Nomination package not including these items will not be considered by the EMU Medal Committee.

The complete nomination package, concatenated as a single pdf file, must be sent by email to the Chair of the Medal Committee, Sylvie Demouchy, sylvie.demouchy@uca.fr.

The award ceremony is held before the medal talk given during an international meeting of relevance to Mineralogical Sciences selected according to the winner’s expertise. EMU will provide partial support for the travel expenses.

* the manuscript must be submitted no later than 3 years after the date of the announcement of the attribution of the Medal is made.

Medallist Committee

Chair Sylvie Demouchy
Members István Kovács
Diego Gatta


2023 José Alberto Padrón-Navarta
2022 Jakub Kierczak
2021 Sylvain Bernard and Matteo Alvaro
2020 Oliver Plümper
2019 Nadège Hilairet
2018 Katharina Marquardt
2017 Marc Blanchard
2016 Sylvie Demouchy
2015 István Kovács
2014 Encarnación Ruiz-Agudo
2013 Diego Gatta and Razvan Caracas
2012 Richard Harrison
2011 Sébastien Merkel
2010 Fabrizio Nestola
2009 Max Wilke
2008 Anders Meibom
2007 Artem R. Oganov
2006 Luca Bindi and Bruno Lanson
2005 David Dobson
2004 Martin Kunz
2003 Eugen Libowitzky
2002 John P. Brodholt and Sergey V. Krivovichev
2001 Stefano Poli
2000 Leonid Dubrovinsky and Björn Winkler
1999 Alessandro Pavese and Mihály Pósfai
1998 Ross John Angel
1997 Simon A.T. Redfern
1996 Alan B. Woodland
1995 Christian Chopin and Philippe Gillet