EMU Poster Prizes

Since 2007, EMU awards Poster Prizes at relevant international conferences to young scientists working in Mineralogical Sciences and allied disciplines. Young scientists include undergraduate and graduate students and young researchers within 4 years after completion of their PhD. EMU will nominate a jury for the selection of the recipients. Prizes consist of a certificate and two volumes of the EMU Notes in Mineralogy, selected by the recipient. A photograph and a brief description of each recipient and of the awarded contribution are posted on this web page.

2021 3rd European Mineralogical Conference EMC2020 (Poland)
2016 2nd European Mineralogical Conference EMC 2016 (Italy)
2015 Goldschmidt Conference (Czech Republic)
European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy (Italy)
2014 EGU meeting (Austria) and 21th General Meeting of the IMA (South Africa)
2013 Goldschmidt Conference (Italy)
2012 1st European Mineralogical Conference EMC2012 (Germany)
2011 EGU General Assembly (Austria) and 22nd General Assembly and Congress of the IUCr (Spain)
2010 European Crystallographic Association ECM26 (Germany), 20th General Meeting of the IMA (Hungary), and EGU General Assembly (Austria)
2009 European Crystallographic Association ECM25 (Turkey)
2008 21st General Assembly and Congress of the IUCr (Japan)
2007 European Crystallographic Association ECM24 (Morocco)