Medal for Research Excellence 1999

Alessandro Pavese

Alessandro Pavese was born at Turin in 1964. He graduated in physics and then started the doctorate course in Mineralogy and Crystallogrphy at Turin. In 1991, he received his doctoral degree with the thesis “Computer simulation of physical properties of minerals by quantum methods and semi-classical techniques”. Since 1991, he is at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Milan where he holds a permanent position as researcher. Dr. Pavese authors and co-authors more than 30 publications in leading journals. International cooperations is natural for him.

Alessandro Pavese receives the medal for his outstanding contribution to the mineral sciences by promoting the understanding of the mechanisms governing the behaviour of minerals at high pressure and high temperature, both by experimental methods and theoretical approaches.

Mihály Pósfai

Mihály Pósfai was born at Szombathely, Hungary, in 1963. He received his M.Sc. 1987 in geology, and in 1992 his doctoral degree in Mineralogy at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, with the thesis “Stacking disorder and cation ordering in some sulfide minerals with close-packed structures”. Since 1994, he is assistant professor at the Veszprém University in Hungary. Dr. Pósfai is author or co-outhor of more than 20 publications in intrnational journals og high reputation. He developed his skills and knowledge in the field og transmission electron microscopy of minerals in electron microscope laboratories at Budapest, Stockholm University (1991-1992), and Arisona State University (1992-1994, 1996-1998).

Mihály Pósfai receives the medal for his outstanding contribution to the mineral sciences in the field of sulfide minerals, aerosol particles, and biomineralization in magnetostatic bacteria.