AIC International Crystallography School

The AIC International Crystallography School “Polymorphism, stability and phase transitions in crystals: theory, experiments, applications” will be held in Rimini, Italy, on 7
to 11 September 2016, as a satellite event of the European Mineralogical Conference. AICS2016 will address several aspects of crystallographic analysis of structural phase transitions, including basics of thermodynamics, kinetics and atomistic mechanisms ruling the processes. Perovskites will be the main teaching tool of AICS2016, with examples spanning from mineralogical to hybrid organic-inorganic samples. Polymorphism in molecular compounds will also be discussed, with the aim of giving a unitary view of mechanisms and terminology. This school is an EMU-sponsored events through several EMU travel grants. Students and young scientists interested in receiving an EMU travel grant should enquire by the organizers.

International symposium Jáchymov 2016

image_torbernite-wOn September 3-5, 2016, the historical town of Jáchymov (Joachimsthal) will host an international scientific symposium entitled New Minerals and Mineralogy in the 21th Century. The organizers have secured prominent and world-leading scientists as the invited speakers and are looking forward to welcoming professionals, graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in mineralogy, crystallography, and actinide science.

EMC 2016

logoSecond European Mineralogical Conference will take place in Rimini, Italy, on September 11-15, 2016. EMU will participate by sponsorship of selected young, excellent scientists who will attend the conference, by a plenary talk by the EMU medallist, and also by co-organizing the conference. Make sure you attend the conference – the first one in Frankfurt was excellent and this one is going to be even better!