European Mineralogical Union Statement about the Invasion of Ukraine

The unprovoked attack against Ukraine, a democratic and independent country, is a violation of international law. It is an assault on the fundamental principles of freedom, democracy and self-determination, which provide the basis for academic freedom and opportunities for scientific exchange and cooperation. The EMU calls on the Russian leadership to immediately cease all military action against Ukraine and put an end to this war.
We believe that science should be free and unimpeded by borders and politics. Mutual respect is essential to make our world a more civilised and peaceful place. As the situation in Ukraine continues to worsen, we add our voices to those throughout the international scientific community – including many Russians who have spoken out against this war – in hoping for a peaceful and swift resolution.

EMU Research Excellence Medals 2021

EMU medalThe 2021 EMU Research Excellence Medal is awarded jointly to
Dr. Sylvain Bernard and Dr. Matteo Alvaro.

They are both excellent scientists, who have developed new methodologies for their fields of study and have come up with new ideas which can be used by the scientific community.
Both of them are mentors and role models to a generation of young scientists, carry out highly innovative and inspiring research and have developed an impressive network of worldwide connections and projects. They were both scored with very high ratings (32 vs. 30) by the committee during the evaluation of their nominations.
For these reasons, the 2021 EMU Medal Committee has agreed that they both deserve to be recipients of the 2021 Research Excellence Award of the European Mineralogical Union.

EMU Poster Awards 2021

The Poster Prize committee of the European Mineralogical Union (EMU) awarded SIX excellent poster contributions of young talented researchers during the 3rd European Mineralogical Conference EMC2020 (29th August – 2nd September 2021 in Cracow, Poland).

Brief descriptions are given here.

EMU Research Excellence Medal 2020

The medal is presented to an early career scientist who has made significant contributions to research in mineralogy and whose professional and societal activities contribute to strengthening scientific links in Europe.

Oliver Plümper
Utrecht University

Citation and Medal Lecture
Friday 9 July 09:00 Room 02; online
The nanoscale control of reactive fluids on geological processes within the solid Earth

Oliver Plümper 2020 EMU Research Excellence Medal pdf

EMU Research Medalist may come to your institution

As a new initiative, the EMU is supporting visits of this year’s winner of the Research Excellence Medal, Dr Katharina Marquardt, to two or three European institutions to present her Medal lecture. Read about her work and her perception of science in the blog of European Association of Geochemistry. Dr Marquardt received her award at the Goldschmidt meeting in Barcelona and her lecture is entitled:

“Olivine interface distributions in static and dynamic equilibrium; effects of diffusion vs effects of dislocation motion.”

Anyone who is interested in having a visit to their institution should contact the Secretary of EMU, Dr Juraj Majzlan with a proposal of when and where Dr Marquardt would give her lecture. Dr Majzlan will decide on the most suitable requests, to fit in also with Dr Marquardt’s schedule.