New EMU Notes volumes available

There are three new volumes of EMU Notes in Mineralogy available:


Volume 18: A.F. Gualtieri, editor: Mineral fibres: Crystal chemistry, chemical-physical properties, biological interaction and toxicity.

Volume 17: I.A.M. Ahmed and K.A. Hudson-Edwards, editors: Redox-reactive minerals: Properties, reactions and applications in clean technologies.

Volume 16: W. Heinrich and R. Abart, editors: Mineral reaction kinetics: Microstructures, textures, chemical and isotopic signatures.

To order, please contact Kevin Murphy, Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

IMA meeting 2018


Although still relatively far in the future, the IMA 2018 conference in Melbourne, Australia, is already being prepared. At the bottom of the home page of IMA 2018, you can enter your contact data, and the organizers will keep you informed about the upcoming registration, field trips, and much more.