EMU Poster Prize 2007

Lucjan A. Pajdzik

The first recipient was Lucjan A. Pajdzik (Clarendon Laboratory, Physics Department, Oxford, UK), who presented a poster entitled “Three-Dimensional Birefringence Imaging of Optically Anisotropic Materials” at the 24th meeting of the European Crystallographic Association (ECM24, Marrakech, Morocco, August 22-27, 2007). Lucjan developed a new apparatus, consisting of an imaging system with a combination of a rotating polarizer and a circular analyzer with a two-axis tilting-stage that allows accurate determination of birefringence information on anisotropic materials in any general orientation. It also permits the measurement of the preferred orientation of uniaxial and biaxial crystallites in polycrystalline materials.

Congratulation to this impressing researcher !