EMU poster prizes at the Goldschmidt 2015 meeting

EMU sponsorship @ the 25th Anniversary Goldschmidt Conference 2015, Prague, August 16th – 21st

Beridze-Georg-smallPoster prize in the session 14b: “Crystal Chemistry of Earth and Planetary Materials“, (Convenors: Tiziana Boffa-Ballaran & Joe Smyth) was awarded to George Beridze (Helmholtz-Zentrum Jülich, Germany) for his contribution Ab Initio Modeling of Computationally Challenging Earth Materials



Poster prizes in the session 14f: “Water” in the Mantle and Crust: Hydrous and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals” (Convenors: Istvan Kovacs, Jannick Ingrin, Roland Stalder, Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova) were awarded to Támás Biró (Eötvös University, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Budapest, Hungary) for his contribution ‘Water’ in quartz from various rhyolitic pyroclastic horizons: A new correlation tool? and Sho Kakizawa (Geodynamics Research Center, Ehime Univ., Mastuyama, Japan) for his contribution Water solubility of Al-bearing bridgmanite at the lower mantle condition