EMU Grants 2017

EMU supported two young scientists who attended the Goldschmidt conference held in Paris on August September 13-18, 2017.

The travel grants were awarded to:

13007176_10206161408138457_8929870967114757752_nClare V. Stead and co-authors (session 07e) for their contribution Diffusion and distribution of rare earth elements in olivine.

She writes: “My work centres on the measurement of rare earth elements (REE) in olivine, with a focus on olivine from the mantle. The work I presented at Goldschmidt in Paris with the support of the EMU examined the diffusive behaviour of the REE in natural olivine. In moving forward, I’m now using REE data from mantle olivine to bring new insights to metasomatic processes in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle (SCLM).”

IMG_20170614_004140sssIvo Martins and co-authors (session 18c) for their contribution
Paragenetic meaning of the Bi- and Ag-rich phases from the Panasqueira lode system (Portugal)

He writes: “I am a young Portuguese researcher, currently finishing my MSc thesis in Economic Geology, in the Faculty of Sciences of the Lisbon University. My main topics of interest are economic geology, mineral exploration, metallogeny, mineral chemistry and ore deposits geology, especially those related to the Variscan orogeny and W-Sn lode systems.”