EMU Grants 2016

EMU supported two young scientists who attended the EMU School on Mineral Reaction Kinetics (MRK16) held in Vienna on September 15-19, 2016:

Francesca Piccoli – PhD student, Institut de Minéralogie, Physique du Milieu Condensé et Cosmochimie, Université Paris 6, and
Pablo del Buey Fernández – PhD student, Complutense University of Madrid

EMU also supported young scientists who attended the EMC2016 conference in Rimini on September 11-15, 2016:

rodler-alexandra-smallAlexandra Rodler for her contribution Chromium isotope fractionation during coprecipitation with calcite using CO2-diffusion technique in the session
S 10. Mineral reaction kinetics: microstructures, textures, chemical and isotopic signatures



MantovaniLLuciana Mantovani for her contribution Magnetite as a pollutant in the atmosphere: Evidence from SEM-EDS and magnetic analysis of leave and particulate filters in the session S 26. Mineral-hazards. The environmental and human health problem represented by raw and man-processed mineral phases