EMU grants at the Goldschmidt 2015 meeting

EMU sponsorship @ the 25th Anniversary Goldschmidt Conference 2015, Prague, August 16th – 21st

European Mineralogical Union (aside from the medal lecture by Encarnaciòn Ruiz-Agudo) sponsors two travel grants, which go to specific mineralogy-related sessions:

Travel grant I: 12a: “Frontiers in Trace Element Geochemistry of Ore Minerals and Accessory Phases: Micro- and Nano-Analytical Developments and Applications“ – Convenors: Martin Reich, Ross Large & Artur Deditius.

RobSievwright_PalaboraThe travel grant in this session was awarded to Robert Sievwright (Imperial College London) for his contribution Thermodynamic controls on the partitioning of divalent cations between magnetite and silicate melts.





Travel grant II: 16c: “Accessory Mineral Petrology, Geochemistry, Geochronology, Diffusion, and Kinetics“ – Convenors: Alicia Cruz-Uribe & Horst Marschall.