EMU Grants 2013

In 2013, EMU supported by grants four young scientists who attended the Goldschmidt conference in Florence, Italy.

These sessions and selected young scientists benefited from the EMU support:

10f. Microbe/Mineral Interfaces and their Role in Biomineralization Processes
Renée van de Locht (University of York, United Kingdom) (co-authors A. Verch, M. Saunders, K. Sand, R. Kröger): Correlation between Crystallization Patterns and Diurnal Growth Bands in Scleractinian Corals

13d. Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Mine Wastes
Patricia Acero (University of Zaragoza, Spain) (co-authors R. Pérez-López, C. Ayora, D. Quispe, J.M. Nieto): Assessment of Seasonal Variations in the Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of Sulfide Mine Tailings

22g. GEOLIFE – Geomaterials for Environment, Technology and Human Activities
Lara Gigli (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) (co-authors R. Arletti, S. Quartieri and G. Vezzalini): Fluorenone dye-zeolite L hybrid: a novel optical material

Arjen Van Veelen (University of Manchester, United Kingdom) (co-authors R. Copping, G.T.W. Law, A.J. Smith, J.R. Bargar, D.K.S.): Uranyl on Mg-rich minerals: Polarisation Dependent EXAFS.