EMU Notes Volume 5



Introduction with review of the definition, distribution and geotectonic significance of ultrahigh pressure metamorphism ( D.A. Carswell, R. Compagnoni )

Review of representative UHPM terranes

UHPM units in the Western Alps ( R. Compagnoni, F. Rolfo )
Ultrahigh pressure metamorphism in the Western Gneiss Region of Norway ( D.A. Carswell, J. Cuthbert )
The Kokchetav massif of Kazakhstan ( V.S. Shatsky, N.V. Sobolev )
The Dabie Shan-Sulu orogen ( T. Hirajima, D. Nakamura)
The Bohemian Massif and the NW Himalaya ( H.-J. Massone, P.J. O’Brien )

Mineralogy, geochemistry and tectonometamorphic evolution of UHPM terranes

Mineral chemistry and mineral reactions in UHPM rocks (C. Chopin, G. Ferraris )
Thermobarometric methodologies applicable to eclogites and garnet ultrabasites ( E.J. Krogh Ravna, J. Paquin )
Coronitic reactions: constraints to element diffusion during UHP metamorphism ( M.Rubbo, M. Bruno )
Mineral assemblages in ultrahigh pressure metamorphism: a review of experimentally determined phase diagrams ( S. Poli, P. Fumagalli )
Dating UHP metamorphism ( D. Rubatto, A. Liati, D. Gebauer )
Geochemistry and isotope tracer study of UHP metamorphic rocks ( B.-G. Jahn, D. Rumble, J.G. Liou )
Three-dimensional mechanics of UHPM terrains and resultant P-T-t paths ( P.O. Koons, P. Upton, M.P. Terry )
Metamorphism and textures of dry and hydrous garnet peridotites ( L.Morten, V. Trommsdorff )
Fluid inclusions in high pressure metamorphic rocks ( J.L.R. Touret, M.-L. Frezzotti )

The text volume has been supplemented with a CD-ROM (edited by F. Rolfo ), where all images (photomicrographs, maps and diagrams) for which colour may improve the understanding have been stored.