EMU Notes Volume 6

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Chapter 1. An introduction to spectroscopic methods in the mineral sciences and geochemistry
by Charles A. GEIGER, page 1 to 42

Chapter 2. Luminescence techniques in Earth Sciences
by Lutz NASDALA, Jens GÖTZE, John M. HANCHAR, Michael GAFT and Matthias R. KRBETSCHEK, page 43 to 92

Chapter 3. Optical absorption spectroscopy in geosciences. Part I: Basic concepts of crystal field theory
by Manfred WILDNER , Michael ANDRUT and Czeslaw Z. RUDOWICZ, page 93 to 144

Chapter 4. Optical absorption spectroscopy in geosciences. Part II: Quantitative aspects of crystal fields
by Michael ANDRUT , Manfred WILDNER and Czeslaw Z. RUDOWICZ, page 145 to 188

Chapter 5. IR spectroscopy as a tool for the characterisation of ceramic precursor phases
by Anton BERAN, Dietmar VOLL and Hartmut SCHNEIDER, page 189 to 226

Chapter 6. IR spectroscopic characterisation of hydrous species in minerals
by Eugen LIBOWITZKY and Anton BERAN, page 227 to 280

Chapter 7. Raman spectroscopy: Analytical perspectives in mineralogical research
by Lutz NASDALA , David. C. SMITH , Reinhard KAINDL and Martin A. ZIEMANN, page 281 to 344

Chapter 8. Mössbauer spectroscopy: Basic principles
by Georg AMTHAUER, Michael GRODZICKI, Werner LOTTERMOSER and Günther REDHAMMER, page 345 to 368

Chapter 9. Mössbauer spectroscopy: Applications
by Catherine A. Mc CAMMON, page 369 to 398

Chapter 10. NMR studies of silicate glasses
by Simon C. KOHN, page 399 to 420

Chapter 11. Solid state NMR spectroscopy as supporting method in Rietveld structure refinements of rock-forming minerals: New developments and examples
by Michael FECHTELKORD, page 421 to 464

Chapter 12. X-ray absorption spectroscopy in mineralogy: Theory and experiment in the XANES region
by Annibale MOTTANA, page 465 to 552

Chapter 13. X-ray absorption spectroscopy in geosciences: Information from the EXAFS region
by Laurence GALOISY, page 553 to 583

Chapter 14. Spectroscopic investigations relating to the structural, crystal-chemical and lattice-dynamic properties of (Fe2+,Mn2+,Mg,Ca)3Al2Si3O12 garnet: A review and analysis
by Charles A. GEIGER, page 589 to 646

Name index p 647

Register of minerals and other materials p 655