EMU Notes Volume 3

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Part I. Introduction

Chapter 1. Solid solutions: Background, history, and scientific perspective (CH.A. GEIGER)

Part II. Thermodynamics

Chapter 2. Dependence of thermodynamic properties on atomic masses and bonding in solids. (G. GRIMVALL)
Chapter 3. Thermodynamic modelling of solid solution (J. GANGULY)
Chapter 4. Thermodynamic mixing properties of binary oxide and silicate solid solutions determined by direct measurements: the role of strain (CH. A. GEIGER)
Chapter 5. Activity-composition relationships and pressure-temperature determinations in metamorphic rocks (TH.M. WILL)

Part III. Crystal chemistry and structure

Chapter 6. The phenomenological theory of solid solutions (V.A. URUSOV)
Chapter 7. The influence of elastic strain heterogeneities in silicate solid solutions (M.A. CARPENTER, B. BALLARAN)
Chapter 8. The diffraction experiment in the study of solid solutions: long-range properties (R. OBERTI)

Part IV. Computational studies

Chapter 9. Principles of computer simulation (V. HEINE)
Chapter 10. Computer simulations of solid solutions (M.T. DOVE)
Chapter 11. Trace element incorporation in minerals and melts (N.L. ALLAN, J.D. BLUNDY, J.A. PURTON, M. YU. LAVRENTIEV, B.J. WOOD)
Chapter 12. Configurational entropy of binary silicate solid solutions (V.L. VINOGRAD)

Part V. Microscopic properties and glasses

Chapter 13. Magnetic ordering in solid solutions (R.J. HARRISON, U. BECKER)
Chapter 14. Transmission electron microscopy, defects, and exsolution in rock-forming minerals (D.R. VEBLEN)
Chapter 15. Glasses and the glass transition (P. RICHET)

Attached to all chapters is an extended list of references

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