EMU Notes Volume 2

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Part I. Background and methodology

Chapter 1. Introduction: The nature and scope of environmental mineralogy (D.J. VAUGHAN)
Chapter 2. Analytical, experimental, and computational methods in environmental mineralogy (R.A. WOGELIUS, D.J. VAUGHAN)

Part II. Mineralogical and key environmental systems

Chapter 3. Minerals and soil developments (J.D. COTTER-HOWELLS, ED. PATERSON)
Chapter 4. Mineralogy of modern marine sediments: A geochemical framework (A.C. APLIN)
Chapter 5. Microbial controls of the mineralogy of the environment (J.F. BANFIELS, S.A. WELCH)
Chapter 6. Aerosol particles in the troposphere: a mineralogical introduction (M. PÓSFAI, Á. MOLNÁR)

Part III. Mineralogy and specific environmental problems

Chapter 7. Mineralogy of mine wastes and strategies for remediation. (J.L. JAMBOR, D.W. BLOWES, C.J. PTACEK)
Chapter 8. Suitability of minerals for controlled landfill and containment (R. HERMANNS STENGELE, M. PLÖTZE)
Chapter 9. Mineralogy in long-term nuclear waste management (CH.D. CURTIS)
Chapter 10. Mineralogy and cultural heritage (G. CHIARI)
Chapter 11. Minerals and human health (H.C: SKINNER)

Attached to all chapters is an extended list of references

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